Diabetes mellitus is a progressive chronic disease associated with elevated blood glucose levels. It develops with a lack of the hormone insulin in the body. It is accompanied by metabolic disorders. It uses different remedies, including this: https://pillintrip.com/medicine/sustagen.

Typical symptoms of diabetes mellitus include rapid weight gain or weight loss, numbness in the extremities, heaviness in the legs and cramps in the calf muscles, and poor wound healing. If these symptoms are observed, you should seek immediate medical advice.

The severity of symptoms of diabetes is in direct correlation with the secretion of insulin. The degree of progression of the disease and the peculiarities of the patient’s body are important.

Signs to which you should pay attention:

a constant feeling of thirst;
Frequent urge to urinate;
A feeling of constant fatigue and weakness;
Tingling and numbness in the extremities;
decreased sexual activity;
loss of visual acuity;
constant hunger;
weight gain or sudden weight loss;
decreased body temperature;
cramping of the calf muscles;
boils and slow healing of wounds;
headaches and heart pain.

Diabetes mellitus is divided into two types: type 1 and type 2, which have different courses but are equally dangerous because of elevated blood sugar levels. The dangers of diabetes mellitus are great, if ignored, a person can fall into a diabetic coma. Uncontrolled sugar leads to destruction of blood vessels, blindness, heart attack, stroke, and kidney failure.

Factors that provoke the development of diabetes:

Inactive lifestyle;
systematic overeating;
addiction to tobacco products;
Frequent stressful situations;
genetic predisposition;
Consumption of foods rich in fats and refined sugar.
The specific cause of diabetes is unknown because of the latent period with a long compensation time due to the body’s adaptation. It is believed that diabetes mellitus is a disease of civilization. One of the causes of the development of the pathology is the food saturated with easily digestible carbohydrates.